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a travel around the world, in the world of massages

There are many different ways to get acquainted with an other country, its culture and the people living there. We may taste their food and their drinks, we may as well participate in their celebrations or observe their arts. Besides all this, each and every continent has its own prime massage and healing system, which are based on their ancestors' knowledge. The massage system of any given continent can reflect the residents' temperament trustworthily, and can also show what they think of the world, of life and death, of the other nations and themselves.

Any massage is the touch and the essence of the people living in the praticular country.

Let's take the example of the Swedish massage, which is typically favoured by the Europeans. A very effective type of massage focusing on the physical body, all facts no lyre at all. Purposeful, just like the Europeans themselves.

Let's take an other well-known massage, the Thai massage. It has a holistic approach, dynamic and puposeful, but not violent. Its aim is to preseve tractableness and strechiness. It is the same as the people living there, energetic, unstrained and flexible in every aspect.

We may also think about the Polynesian healing arts. There is total harmony and entireness in these type of massages. Body, mind and spirit are equally important. These type of massages are exeptional, filled with poetry, beauty just like the wonderful world of the Hawaii Islands or New Zealand.

The aim of the House of Worlds is to present our world, and the diversity in this world from a different viewpoint, that is through massages.

Massage therapies in general

Nowadays massage therapies are becoming more and more popular which is mainly due to their unambiguous effects that they are able to exert on the physical body. Massage therapies affect the skin, the muscles, the joints, the blood and the lymphatic system very positively. They help to prevent problems with the organs of locomotion, and regarding already existing complaints, massage therapies are able to maintain the condition. They support and strengthen the immune system.

Besides, we cannot ignore the positive effects that massage therapies provide for our soul. The importance of preserving our emotional balance is brought into the foreground as a consequence of our intensified lifestyles, the constant stress and the uncertainty that most of us are experiencing. Any kind of massage therapy is suitable for resolving tenseness, however, there are some types which were developed specifically for resolving stress, overcoming depression and creating the body and soul harmony.

Overall, all massage therapies have the same aim: to make us feel good, healthy and balanced. No matter which type we choose, the most important factor is regularity in order to achieve effectiveness.

If we are not familiar with the different types of massage therapies, we should inquire and read about them, then try that one or those ones, to which we have taken a liking. We should bear in mind that as every human being is different, every massage therapy is different.

If we have already been attending a massage therapy and feel that we have already found the appropriate type, it is still worth to wander around from time to time and change the type. As we are changing, our body, our needs and our environment is changing as well.


Swedish massage:

Both in Europe and in Hungary it is the most widespread and the most well-known massage. A very effective type of massage focusing on the physical body, all facts no lyre at all. Purposeful, just like the Europeans themselves. It is an excellent way to keep our body in a good condition in general. Moreover, it is a great cure for headaches, dizziness and buzzing in the ears.

Relaxing massage:

It was sprung into existance by the holistic approach that is becoming more widespread in Europe. Due to its name it is a therapy that is suitable for resolving stress, its aim is to relax and bring up to full strength. Is has long, smoothening movements, it is not a powerful massage.

Lymphatic drainage:

It was developed by the Danish massage therapist, Emil Vodder M.D. and his wife in the 1930s. It is a very "Danish" massage. It contains everything that the Danish think of the world. The lymphatic drainage massage treats the body with love and respect, which results in the body activating itself and its immune system, it clears up itself, sets loose and calms down.

(Danmark is one of the Scandinavian countries. There's a stereotype regarding the people living in the Northern countries. Most people who have only heard about the Northern countries such as Danmark, but have not been there yet, might have the misconseption that the people there are cool and low-keyed.

In reality people in these areas are really open and sensitive to the world and they treat the creatures surrounding them with great respect. They are nature-lovers and pay attention to being environmentally-friendly. Besides keeping their body fit, they find it important to experiance their spiritual nature as well.)

The lymphatic drainage is an extremely many-sided massage. Our lymphatic system activates our immune system so its health is very important for all of us. The lymphatic drainage that functions properly creates an energetic and well-balanced body and a harmonic person as well.

Useful for: prevention, activating the weakened immune system, headaches, migraine, decreasing oedemas, easing the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, tympanites, constipation, decreasing cellulite, lessening inner tension, sleep disorders, depression.


Thai Massage

It has a holistic approach, dynamic and puposeful, but not violent. Its aim is to maintain tractableness and strechiness. It is the same as the people living there, energetic, unstrained and flexible in every aspect. The body and the mind become one, only a limber and flexible body is able to allow the spirit, mind and creativity to flow free. A rigid body leads to a rigid, slow person who is unable to wing.

It is excellent for budging the joints and muscles, for stretching the tendons and dissolving energy blocks and energizing. During the massage the patient wears his clothes so it is a great possibility for those who dislike being touched or for those who suffer from skin problems therefore unclothed massage therapies are not recommended for them. Children tend to like it a lot, it is the favorite of my 8-year-old niece.

Chinese head massage

„We can treat the whole body with the stimulation of acupoints
on the scalp and the face. The head is the capital of the body,
this is the point where all the Yin and Yang meridians meet.”
from the Yellow Emperer's internist book (Huang Di Nei Jing)

It was developed by Professor Ben Wu.

There are a numerous micro systems on our body. These micro systems are small, but well-defined areas of our body, where the “map” of the whole body can be found. The stimulation of these points within these areas affects the organs and the whole system of organs. Such micro systems are for example the sole, the back, the ears and, of course, the face and scalp.

The Wu head massage lasts for about 25 minutes while stimulating the different points on the face, the scalp and the neck, but it has a positive effect on our whole body. It can be used by itself but it may be a wonderful ending for a Swedish massage.

Ayurvedic Baby Massage Course

The ayurvedic baby care has millennia past therefore other cultures have taken movements from the Indian baby massage. Still, there are huge differences between the ayurvedic and any other baby care.

The ayurvedic baby massage hides ancient knowledge that all mothers can acquire.

The originality of the ayurvedic baby massage is:

  • the massage will become personalized as the baby's personality type is defined
  • the mother will get a better understanding of herself as her body type is defined,
  • the strengths and weaknesses of the mother-baby relationship can be surveyed by defining the ayurvedic body types
  • during the ayurvedic baby massage the emphasis is not on the physical massage itself but on an accurate mapping of the baby's mentality while understanding and getting to know him/her.

The length of the course: 5 x 1,5-2 hours.


Hot stone massage:

The Havaiian natives and the North-American Indians used the basalt stone of volcanic origin in order to cure the different problems related to the organs of locomotion. The stone therapy was also used in China, and there it was connected to the meridian theory. Some sources state that the Hungarian medicine-men used the hot stones for medical treatment. The massage used today was developed by Mary Nelson in the 1990s.

The lava stone massage provides full rest and deep relaxation. The mind floats on the verge of dream and wakefulness. The hot stones ease up the muscles and warm up the body and the soul. It activates the blood and the lymphatic system, detoxicates, eases sleep disorders, dissolves energy blocks, and activates the immune system. It is a wonderful form of recreation not only  for the cool days.


„The physical perfection is an innate right for humanity.”
(Joseph Pilates)

Although, Pilates is not a massage type but a physical fittness system, it must be mentioned when dealing with America.

Pilates as a physical fittness system has come along a long way. Joseph Pilates, who could not become a prophet in his own country, had to travel from Europe to America where his physical fittness system soon became popular. Then it returned from America to Europe so as to become popular here as well.

It is an extremely effective form of movement regarding both body shaping, and creating the mind-body control, also in treating musculoskeletal diseases.


Polynesian healing arts

They are special massages, where the harmony of music and touch has been lifted to an artistic level. There is total harmony and entireness in these type of massages. Body, mind and spirit are equally important. These type of massages are exeptional, filled with poetry, beauty just like the wonderful world of the Hawaii Islands or New Zealand.

These massages apply special movements, touch and rhythm in a dynamic way. The forearms are used to massage the body with long and continuous movements this way creating a stream, which is able to activate the self-healing forces in the person receiving the massage, and it also clears and livens up the patient.

They are also excellent for establishing the body and soul balance, increasing our number of inner oscillations, depriving of our fears, strengthening our self-esteem and defeating addictions.

MA-URI massage

More than a massage
It's Life itself.

It was developed by Katja and Hemi Fox. The roots  of MA-URI can be found in New Zealand and in Hawaii, however, it was evolved in Europe regarding the European lifestyle, and the people’s needs, beliefs and their fears. They include the principles, the requirements and the needs of the Polynesian and the modern society meanwhile concentrating on the personal metamorphosis.

The result is a wonderful “massage art”, one and a half hour travel. It helps to love ourselves.

Lomilomi nui massage

It's the wisdom of Ancestors
It's the message of the Ocean
It's the art of Touch.

It is a Hawaiian „massage art”, one of the roots of MA-URI. It is about the enjoyment of life, the love of ourselves and others and the affection of life, about Aloha.

ALOHA = to love means to be happy

2-hour massage
Extremely effective, it brings a total rejuvenation for the body. During the massage we can experience our completeness, we can harmonise our male-female sides, we can feel our unity with the universe.

1 hours „free fall”:
In this case the music and the stream are in center, the unit of the music and the movements remind us of the ocean waves.

Exhilaration and new inspirations feature this type of massage.

1,5-hour lomilomi nui for the pregnant:
It's a special massage therapy which focuses on both the pregnant mother and her baby.

This massage helps the mother to live through this magical period in harmony, forgetting about her worries. In the meantime the masseur is able to creat a contact with the baby in the womb, so the mother and the baby can experience this wonderful massage together, in unity.


Anti-cellulit massage – for getting rid of orange peel, for shaping contours. Sessions last 1 hour.

Who I am?

I am a woman of 21st century whose name is Andrea Hojer.

I have benn working as a massage therapist since 2003. The beginning was not easy nor evident. Naturally, I had driven my life with experiencing a lot, however, I was not happy and satisfied.

One day an accident and a sentence led me to the world of massages. And this world conquered me.

The person who I am means what I do, what I feel, what I know and what others see in me.

Respect, patience, tolerance, humility are my driving forces.

Professional CV:

  • 2016-17
    Facial Training Instructor
  • 2012
    Ayurvedic Baby Massage Instructor
  • 2011
    Workshop by Teresa Mocna (Kanaka Foundation) in Hawaii, Big Island
  • 2010
    Lomi Lomi Nui
  • 2009
    Lymphatic drainage
  • 2008
    Wu’s Head Massage
  • 2008
    Kahi Loa
  • 2007
    Hot Stone massage
  • 2004 - 2006
    MA-URI massage
  • 2003
    Traditional Thai massage
  • 2002
    Swedish massage

Dear Patients, I hope I was able to provide you with a comprehensive image of the massage therapies that I know, practice and love. I believe in massage therapies, in the wisdom of humanity, in love and I believe that the touch can heal both body and soul.

Thank you for your attention, your time,
your fastidiousness, your trust and love.


The House of Worlds is determined to use eco friendly products. We regulery donate to foundations, organizations that save and work for nature (WWF, MME-BirdLife Hungary etc.).

The rules of cancelling appointments:

If you wish to cancel your appointment for any reason, I can only accept it 24 hours earlier. If you do not do it or forget to do it then you should pay the price of the treatment the next occasion you wish to come. Thank you for your cooperative understanding!

The House of Worlds

a travel around the world, in the world of massages